Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ferry Ride

Long Point - Mark's Wave

Long Point Surfing

Long Point Paddle Ball

Long Point Beach


This is Danielle shelling out for fried clams and scallops at The Bite in Menemsha.
The Bite is a shack built around a bank of fry-o-lators. A screen door opens on a front porch big enough for a picinic table full of condiments, a Coke machine and three customers.
We received a tip on the ferry over (from some guy named Joe, I think) that the best fried clams on the island were to be had at this little shack, and it turned out to be true. The place was packed, which means three things on the Vineyard:
1) A bunch of people will be standing around, in a crushed shell parking lot for example, waiting for someone to call out their name and pass them some food, in this case a greasy brown bag of fried seafood.
2) It's going to cost more than you may think fair and,
3) The Clinton's were there in 1997 and a signed picture documenting their unadulterated joy fades, endlessly, somewhere near the register.
The rest are shots of the town. I really liked it there.


We had a horseshoe pit in our backyard. First toss was a ringer (yrs truly.)

Gay Head Cliffs

Four of us rallied on the morning of the 3rd of July and headed out to Gay Head to see the clay cliffs and determine if the light on Jean's wall really was a fleet of cars passing by the house every thirty seconds or just a simple lighthouse.
The fog was heavy on the way out, but burned off just as we were arriving.
Parking was a neat game in which we gave away some money and then the attendants gave us some back when we left so Danielle could buy chocolate. Everybody felt good about it.
The terrain of the cliffs is quite different from the rest of the island and makes for a nice hike. I think these pictures capture some of the day.
Last picture: that's Jean holstering her middle finger. Such a sweet girl.